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MasterDrive is about to launch their new, customised training facility. The facilities are across the road from the Ticketpro Dome in the overflow parking area. The training area has been specially designed to accommodate all types of training from rollover prevention training to some of MasterDrive’s newest training initiatives.

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the growth the company has seen necessitated the addition of a more advanced training facility. “As MasterDrive leads the way in the training environment, our facilities need to grow in the same way. When we saw the facilities near the Ticketpro Dome, we immediately knew that it was the ideal venue for what we needed.

“Along with tracks specially designed for training purposes, clients will have access to a training room. This is in the form of a mobile classroom with space inside for theoretical training to take place and a balcony on top which can also be used as a break area. The classroom is mobile which means it can be moved when it is not in use at the training facility or even rented out when companies are in need in of a training room.”

The entire MasterDrive team looks forward to the opportunities that the new venue presents. “Chief among the advantages is convenience. The venue is located within Johannesburg removing the need to travel further for training. A centrally located venue will save time and make getting to training facilities much easier.

“We have also taken cognisance of changing needs when it comes to driver training. As part of our drive to reduce our impact on the environment, we are in the process of developing a skid pad activity that does not use water. It is important that we not only deliver on our client needs but in a way that minimises the impact on our world.”

The training facility also allows MasterDrive to create opportunities for individuals to benefit from training. “We have a number of activities that individuals can participate in over the weekends. Attracting the most attention is our gymkhana where drivers get to test their skills on a carefully designed gymkhana obstacle course – this is our M-Khana.”

MasterDrive is on the cusp of completing their facility and the team looks forward to the benefits this holds for all. Whether you are a corporate or an individual, be sure to visit the team and see the new facility for yourself.

If you are interested in testing out our new facilities, MasterDrive is giving away five gymkhana experiences. If you would like to stand a chance to win, contact [email protected].