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With some of the highest road fatality rates in the world, all South Africans can benefit from additional driver training. With the increased number of challenges that drivers face on a daily basis, bad road conditions and a prevalence of reckless drivers, knowing how to handle these challenges would not go amiss.

Yet, finding the time and sometimes even the funds for additional training can mean training is often not available to many drivers. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “Taking time off work, or even using your personal time, is often not possible for drivers. Many advanced driver training courses can also be very expensive and consequently inaccessible to many South Africans.

“As our primary objective is to create competent and confident drivers, and consequently help reduce the high fatality rates on our roads, we formulated a solution to this in the form of MasterClasses. These are intensive training sessions that will not take more than 90 minutes of a drivers’ time on Saturday mornings. It encompasses a variety of topics aimed at improving your driving skills.”

MasterClass will be launched on 24 August 2019. “Our first MasterClass will cover night driving: the challenges this creates and how to equip yourself to handle these challenges. In the coming months we will cover a range of topics including the Urban Survival Xperience (USX), AARTO and Vehicle 101.

“We look forward to this new initiative which makes driver training accessible to many more people. It is one thing to comment on the challenges to road safety but unless we back our words up with actions, our effect will only ever be limited,” says Herbert.

If you would like to enter a draw to win two seats to the inaugural MasterClass, email Nishani Chetty at [email protected]. Alternatively, call 086 110 0618, email [email protected] or visit www.masterdrive.co.za for more info.