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His Excellency President Ramaphosa made the announcement during the South African Investment Forum, which was held in October 2018, that Mara Phones would be making an investment of R1.5 billion in South Africa by opening a high-tech smartphone manufacturing facility. Mara Phones successfully delivered as promised!

Mara Phones is focused on smartphone technology and production – the factory in Durban is the first of its kind in South Africa and one of the first in Africa alongside Mara Phones Rwandan factory. The investment in South Africa by Mara Phones with the support of the Government of South Africa has already created almost 200 jobs of which over 60% are women and over 90% are skilled, unemployed youth.

Mara Phones South Africa is expected to generate about 1,500 direct jobs over a period of 6 years and thousands of indirect jobs, which will contribute to the reduction in unemployment and enhance the transfer of high-tech knowledge in South Africa. This will result in import replacement and transfer of new technology to South Africa by South Africans.


The Mara Phones factory manufactures high-quality smartphones at affordable prices. Mara Phones is committed to building industrial capacity within the continent as demonstrated by its two high-tech manufacturing factories in order to transform our continent from being consumers into producers of high-tech products. This launch of the manufacturing factory in Durban is a fulfillment of the pledge made in 2018 and our contribution to the 4th Industrial Revolution agenda by the Government of South Africa. Mara Phones has launched with two models, the Mara X and Mara Z.

The first two models are affordable and have a long-lasting battery, immense storage space and a 2-year Android version update delivered through a strong partnership with Google and its Android One Program.


As a local manufacturer, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and support. Research and development will be an integral part of Mara Phones South Africa and will enable us to evolve whilst keeping up with technological advances.

“Mara Phones Lab” is the technology arm of Mara Phones, which creates technology-based value-added solutions for the end consumer. By harnessing the power of digital technology, Mara Phones Lab aims to innovate and create digital solutions for society offered through smartphones.

We help business and government to accelerate innovation and digital transformation through Mara Phone devices. Mara Phones aims to build technology-based innovations to solve large-scale societal challenges and boost digital inclusion.


Mara Experience Store (coming soon to South Africa), will give all potential customers an opportunity to experience the look and feel of Mara Phones devices. Consumers will have the opportunity to interact with Mara Phones experts and technical specialists to understand the different models and provide technical support. High quality (original) accessories such as Turbochargers, Dolby headphones, screen protectors, etc will all be available to purchase at the Mara Experience Stores.

Mara Phones plans to open over 200 Mara Experience Stores across South Africa on its own and through franchisees.

“Mara Phones is a pioneering & proud African brand that seeks to play a role in catalysing Africa, which has the potential and intent to be at the forefront of the digital and technological revolution. The launch of the manufacturing factory in South Africa, following a successful launch of a similar factory in Rwanda, is a true testament to our commitment of ensuring that as Africans we produce and utilise our own products that
meet and surpass global quality standards.

We are dedicated to contributing positively to the South African economy through job creation, high-tech skills transfer and the development and production of high-quality smartphones that provide value-added solutions. As South Africa and as Africa at large – this is OUR time; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It is time we create jobs in our country and our continent and not in other parts of the world.

Korea has Samsung, China has Huawei & Tecno, USA has Apple and now Africa has Mara Phones!”