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The sun is baking down, trees are bursting with green, and flowers are finally out in all their glory… This can only mean that after a long dreary winter, sizzling school breaks that lead into summer are around the corner. And the time to get full swing into it is now.

Many associate the holidays with disconnecting – putting all connected devices on probation, and limiting screen time to scrolling through their network’s summer pics on social media – but before flipping the ‘off switch’, consider this… your mobile can bring on the pleasure of deep relaxation faster, and make the smiles of solace last long after the sea sand has cleared your shower. Here is how…

Take the pressure off

Planning for holidays can be stressful, especially when travelling with your children. But the right device can help take the pressure off; like the Nokia 3.2 and 4.2  which come with the updated Google Assistant function that provides you with your own personal assistant at the touch of a button. This makes it easy to pre-plan your holiday to-do lists and set reminders for any last-minute holiday shopping.

The Google Maps app allows you to download maps offline straight to your device to avoid unnecessary data costs. This can help you plan for a smooth journey – from choosing a time to avoid traffic and congestion, to finding the best route, or alerting to potential hazards on the road – it will give you the confidence to take to the great unknown, and stay safe.

Make the most of whatever the weather

Check the weather on your phone to plan out your days, including when to pull out the sunnies for a day outdoors, download family fun apps for some trivia on the go, or multi-player games if you’d rather stay in, or press play on your ultimate favourites playlist to set the summer mood wherever you are.  

The Nokia 4.2 was built for these occasions with is adaptive battery, which learns how you use the device and prioritises battery power for apps and services, to save battery power and ensure your device keeps delivering on what matters most, even when you are out and about.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

So many people travel to experience different people and places but end up doing the stock-standard touristy-thing – often high on cost, and low on experience. To help find those little nuggets, pull out your Google Assistant to help you navigate the area for the most authentic experiences.

“The Google Assistant function can provide answers to questions you may have of the different locations, or interesting facts about the local culture, at the touch of one button,” adds Michelle Wynne, Head of Marketing Sub Saharan Africa at HMD Global. “Essentially, you can use it as your local tour guide, without the commitment to stay close to a tour group.”

A picture is worth a thousand smiles

Let’s face it, it didn’t happen unless you have amazing pictures to show off to all your friends, right? To make the most of these snaps; Golden Hour is your friend… we repeat Golden Hour is your friend. This is the period of daytime shortly before sunset when the sky is redder and softer, which gives you a golden glow. So, when the sun softens, make sure to capitalise…

And as the moments keep rolling in, make sure they last a life time by keeping them safe, and freeing up space by saving your photos on Google Drive. That way they’ll always be available when you need to travel back to a moment on your holiday when you are back at work, and sound of the ocean seems so far away. 

Now go out, make the most of the summer sun and share your best moments with #ShotOnNokia.