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Leading real estate disruptor, Leadhome, says that waiting for the holiday season to pass before listing your property is your first mistake. According to the agency, despite popular belief that this time of year is the worst time to get your home on the market, Leadhome’s data says otherwise.

“There was a noticeable difference between the volume of property searches on our website in November 2018 when compared to January 2019. We noted that there was 13% more traffic in November, which means buyers are considering homes already listed rather than waiting for new stock in January. This valuable insight tells us that waiting will only leave you wanting,” says Leadhome Head of Sales, Lloyd Hobson.

He says that the perfect time to list your property is now, and even more so if you are looking to sell early in the new year: “Leadhome’s data shows that properties that were listed on the market in November sell after an average of 58 days. Whereas properties that are only marketed in January, take 78 days. This is still lower than the industry average of 99 days, but it is worth your while to list earlier rather than later if you are looking to sell within a short time-frame.”

Leadhome’s dedicated Insights Team have also conducted in-market research on Google search behaviour over the last five years and their findings support the agency’s point of view. Early December is, in fact, a great time to list your property. The search trends show that during the traditional holiday period from 24th December to mid-January, interest in residential property on the market peaked.

This scenario makes perfect sense to Hobson: “As the year winds down and holidays take effect, buyers search for properties, which they want to view before they leave or return from holiday, so make sure your home is there for them to consider.”