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Uber Eats recently rewarded their top delivery-partners as part of their annual Partner-Appreciation event which hosted over 400 delivery-partners from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.  

The top prize-winner for the day was delivery-partner Abdunoor from Johannesburg, who walked away with a brand new motorcycle from BigBoys Fourways. Speaking at the event, Abdunoor said, ”I feel so overjoyed because I honestly didn’t expect to win! I mean, what were the chances?”

Abdunoor who lives with his two brothers in the East Rand had been unemployed for some time and knew a change needed to be made. One of his brother’s, who is already a delivery-partner on the app, introduced Abdunoor to the world of food-delivery through Uber Eats. With a fresh new start and outlook on life, he took a leap of faith and joined Uber Eats as a delivery-partner. After a few deliveries, Abdunoor had a new sense of enthusiasm and determination to make this work for him and has never looked back since. “The opportunities the app provided me with, have enabled me to live a better life as I now have a flexibility and increased earnings,” says Abdunoor. 

Abdunoor attended the appreciation event in Johannesburg, alongside other delivery-partners. When they arrived at the event, they were each given a specific code, which they had to place in a box as part of the lucky-draw competition. Recalling the day when his number was announced Abdunoor said, “I was in disbelief at first but it quickly turned into excitement, I felt so overjoyed.” Abdunoor has always been a go-getter who believes in working hard to get what you want. Even after winning this life-changing prize, Abdunoor has remained humble and says that winning the motorcycle really has changed his life as he had previously been renting a motorcycle to deliver food. He can now save money and put it towards his family and his personal needs. 

Other lucky delivery-partners also walked away with top prizes and gadgets such as tablets and cell phones included Victory from Cape Town, who was awarded the best average delivery time. Fiston from Pretoria, also took part in one of the lucky draws and took home a brand new tablet. “I’m so appreciative of Uber Eats recognising me for my hard work. Since joining Uber Eats, my life has changed for the better and I appreciate everything,” says Fiston.