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LG Electronics (LG) and premium Italian designer furniture and lifestyle brand Molteni&C S.P.A have agreed to pursue a variety of joint projects including exhibitions and events on behalf of the LG SIGNATURE brand. The collaboration will give consumers the opportunity to experience the refinement and convenience of luxury living by showcasing the craftsmanship of Molteni&C and the technological and design leadership of LG SIGNATURE.

LG’s flagship LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV on display at the Molteni Museum in Giussano outside of Milan, Italy, is the first collaboration and a testament to the two companies’ shared vision and philosophy. A second LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K will be showcased at the new Molteni&C flagship store opening in Paris, France later this year with other LG SIGNATURE products to be displayed at Molteni&C stores in Europe and North America.

The Molteni Group was founded by Angelo Molteni in 1934 and quickly gained a reputation for exquisitely crafted, high-quality furniture pieces – a reputation that has only grown stronger over the years. Today, the distinguished brand has found a new audience, as the timeless appeal and effortless elegance of the brand’s gorgeous collections resonate with design-conscious millennials worldwide. Molteni&C’s The Art of Living philosophy resonates closely with LG SIGNATURE’s belief in The Art of Essence as both the pursuit of stylish, functional design and the use of the latest technologies and techniques further unite these two premium brands.

“Collaborating with Molteni&C, a company that shares our vision and is aligned with our core values, is a win-win for everyone, especially consumers who appreciate the finer aspects of life,” said Kim Jin-hong, head of LG Electronics’ Global Marketing Center. “Through this joint effort we hope to demonstrate how combining cutting-edge technologies with beautiful, modern aesthetics can create a more luxurious, refined living space.”

“It is a pleasure to be collaborating with LG SIGNATURE and we look forward to bringing consumers an experience that demonstrates the immeasurable value of good design,” said Giulia Molteni, director of marketing and communications at the Molteni Group. “Through our furniture and LG SIGNATURE’s products, it is possible to achieve a living environment where both beauty and functionality exist in perfect harmony.”