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For over twenty years SBS has delivered exceptional liquid and dry storage solutions to a range of industries in South Africa and internationally. The Proudly South African company operates on a shared value set of principles, underpinned by a business culture which guides its day to day operations. This is the belief that it is possible to do good business while doing good.

The culture of doing good has been instilled by the entrepreneurial leadership of SBS. Delayne Gray, Group CEO, endorses these value sets in all SBS employees. It is this ingrained culture that has led to the launch of The Build For Better Initiative – a collection of stories of real hope from across South Africa targeting nation building and community upliftment.

As an organisation, SBS embraces the belief that business should not be purely for financial gain, but rather that there is a bigger hand at play. It is that each day is an opportunity to do better than the day before. An opportunity to make a positive change for all.

Says Gray, “There is an endless narrative of bad news in our country and we need to change this. Everyone needs a dose of good news, of hope, something to believe in, and it is up to business and the people of South Africa to make this happen. Together we can build a better future for all involved.”

Gray notes that building for better does not necessarily require earth shattering changes in what we all do. It is about believing that we can all do more with what we have. It’s about small changes that move the narrative in the right direction. The collection of stories that The Build For Better Initiative highlights do just that – these are stories of hope and success.

By sharing these stories, SBS aims to help guide the conversation in a new direction; to inspire individuals and communities to be part of the movement towards positive change. Encouraging a sense of national pride and a culture of sharing hope are key objectives for the Build For Better campaign. The campaign is supported by Build For Better billboards across the country, aimed at driving awareness and inspiring hope and encouraging South Africans to share their stories.

Stories of Hope

They are stories of ordinary South Africans that have overcome what seemed like insurmountable challenges, or took advantage of opportunities to better themselves, while effecting positive change in their communities, organisations and for individuals. They are stories about more than personal gain, they are stories of real hope that reverberate beyond the individual or the single organisation.

The SBS story is itself one of hope, reflected in a new Build For Better commercial. Respected as a specialist company within its field, SBS delivers leading water storage solutions within environments such as Schools, Clinics, Mining, Fire Protection, Food and Beverage, Water Conservation, Municipal Services and dry storage solutions in the Agricultural arena. SBS’s story is one of passion, entrepreneurial spirit, community and employee upliftment, and international success.

Join the movement for change

“We hope these stories bring hope, and inspire you to live your own Build For Better story. With our Build For Better initiative partnerships and activities, we aim to foster real change amongst our communities, our country and ultimately the continent,” concludes Gray. If you, or your organisation, have a story to share and want to help this country Build For Better, SBS would like to hear from you and work with you to share them. Share your story by visiting The Build For Better Initiative at www.buildforbetter.co.za and clicking on the Share a Story tab or email at [email protected]

For more on the solutions and storage offerings that have made SBS a leader locally and internationally, contact SBS today via email at [email protected] or call them on +27 86048 2657