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Real estate disruptor, Leadhome, says that prospective sellers are encouraged to keep their properties listed despite the current economy and the potential impact of COVID-19. 

CEO Marcél du Toit says that there are several benefits to the homeowner retaining their listing: “While it doesn’t seem like an ideal time, current internet traffic suggests otherwise. There is a definite surge in online traffic as a result of travel bans and remote working. It makes sense to take advantage of the situation and given there is no cost associated with a listing you have nothing to lose.”

Adhering to accepted social distancing, advances in listing technology has made it possible to more easily view and gain knowledge about properties online. With detailed descriptions and photos, a buyer will discover a great deal about a property without having to leave their home: “We do predict that this unusual situation will result in a surge of interested buyers as the time at home creates opportunities for real estate shopping,” says Du Toit.

To further ensure their customers are safe and secure, Leadhome has ensured that its buyer screening now includes additional checkpoints and safe social distancing protocols for viewings have been implemented. The agency has also implemented a remote team set-up, ensuring agents are available when needed.

“Our industry is recognising the need for precautionary measures. For those who make direct appointments, there are several safeguards to consider: alcohol wipes for doorknobs, if you can’t avoid touching them; hand sanitiser available or handwashing to take place at both the beginning and the end of the showing. People can also wear gloves and booties on shoes if choosing to do so,” says Du Toit.