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With winter around the corner, the increased pressure on the grid is likely to see the return of load shedding. This, together with the double-digit increase in electricity tariffs of just over 15% that was recently announced by ESKOM and NERSA, unfortunately means consumers can expect sky-high electricity bills too.

According to the CSIR, in 2020, load shedding occurred for 859 hours (or 36 days) of the year (9.8%). And although getting off the grid is a dream for many, with the total cost of doing so averaging over R100k, for most it’s simply out of reach.

There are, however, some simple changes you can make that cost very little – some even nothing at all – to helps you keep the lights on and electricity bills lower this winter. A quick search on Gumtree will introduce you to energy, solar power and generator specialists who will be able to help you with your needs.

Gumtree spoke with SolarMatic Energy’s Jaun-dre Botha who gave the following advice on how to keep the lights on and electricity bills low this winter.

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