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FCA US debuted eight commercials online last week as part of its “Big Game Blitz” digital and social strategy. One of the commercials, the Jeep brand’s “More Than Just Words” has smashed the Company’s record for most online views, with over 106 million, more than the audience size for the Super Bowl broadcast. In addition to breaking Company records for most views, “More Than Just Words” has been shared across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube over 200,000 times cumulatively with over 50,000 comments combined reflecting overwhelmingly positive sentiment from fans across social media.

As part of a concerted digital strategy, FCA elected to reach consumers exclusively through social and digital channels, during a time when many are watching commercials online and likely to share.

“This year, we adopted a new approach to launch our commercials in advance of the Big Game and our ‘gamble’ seems to be winning as we continue to track the videos through today,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA. “Together, our eight creative executions have amassed over 169 million views. What is more exciting is that engagement to date suggests that Jeep brand’s “More Than Just Words” on its own has surpassed the TV audience viewership for the Big Game. Viewers have been reacting to it in a very powerful way, commenting across our digital and social platforms telling us how much they appreciate the message, and thanking us for it. Our fans are calling the video one of the best Big Game commercials ever. And while it didn’t air in the game, people will remember it as one.”

The two-minute “More Than Just Words,” a visual narration of the “The Star Spangled Banner” with music performed by OneRepublic, was released last Thursday (1/31) across the brand’s digital and social platforms. The song serves as a catalyst that takes viewers on an unexpected musical and visual odyssey, with images splashing across the screen representing the song’s lyrics.

Social sentiment for the video has been overwhelmingly positive, with all comments 99 percent positive or neutral. Comments from fans across Jeep’s Facebook and Twitter channels include the following:

– “‘BEST’ super bowl commercial hands down! We miss our Jeep, just might have to get another one in honor.”

– “I say, Let this one win the Super Bowl Commercial Crown! Even if it’s NOT Aired During the Super Bow! Top Marks!”

– “Thank you Jeep! This was a very deep message and it brought tears to my eyes. One of the best commercials I have seen….should be on super bowl.”

– “@jeep did a great job on that commercial. It should win best Superbowl ad.”

– “Every year, I wait for the best of the Super Bowl ads. This it it. Good ad, great message. Well done.”

– “One awesome commercial, don’t know if it played at Super Bowl but it should have….”

– “Probably one of the loveliest renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner I’ve ever seen. And you’ll note I said ‘seen’ because there’s very few words. …Thank you Jeep and one republic … ya did good.”

– “Awesome commercial, no message trying to be forced upon you other than just coming together as family and as Americans. I’m purely a Ford guy but I’ve always had respect for the Jeep brand and my family has owned quite a few, this commercial just made me respect the brand even more.”

– “Gave me goosebumps. This was absolutely epic! And the fact that there’s no words in the anthem (except at the beginning and end) makes it 10X better. Well done jeep!”

– “One of the best commercials I’ve seen in ages. This is a home run. No, not just a home run…It’s a GRAND SLAM! I’ve rewatched it a half dozen times and continue to pick more of the symbolism and continue to tear up through parts of it. It pulls at heartstrings.”

The Jeep brand’s “More than Just Words,” directed by Mark Toia with music by OneRepublic, was created in partnership with Dallas-based The Richards Group.

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