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When you’re young and free from the constraints of adulting, a ‘gap year’ can fly by in a haze of sunburnt selfies. But once you’re in the working world, taking time out becomes a great opportunity to reassess the next chapter in your career and pursue ideas you haven’t yet had a chance to explore.

‘Taking time out’ is a phrase often reserved for the self-made entrepreneurial CEOs of today, but Volkswagen has recently launched a campaign that is going to change that status quo. The Volkswagen Touareg Sabbatical aims to give one South African the chance to take a three month paid sabbatical in order to turn their ideas into reality – whether it’s a dream to start South Africa’s first rooftop honey farm or turn recycled plastic into roads that connect rural communities. The aim is to give someone the opportunity and the luxury of time to pursue an idea with purpose.

There will always be reasons not to, such as needing more time, money or experience, but if you find something you’re passionate about, this is the time to give it a shot. As the saying goes time is money and now with the Volkswagen Touareg Sabbatical campaign, both can have more meaning as one lucky applicant will have the chance to put both their time and money to good use in a purposeful way.

If your application is successful, you’ll be given a three month sabbatical, a monthly allowance of R100 000, the new Volkswagen Touareg to drive, and a discretionary investment to bring your Sabbatical idea to life.

Spearheading the Volkswagen Touareg Sabbatical campaign are a group of influential business leaders including renowned Broadcaster Bruce Whitfield, Discovery Insure Founder and Director Themba Baloyi, Travel Journalist Didimalo Molefe, Author and Entrepreneur Alan Knott-Craig, Entrepreneur and Founder of the agricultural organisation, GroShoot, and Mosidi Modise, Architect and Founder of Makeka Design.

“Time is the most precious commodity we have. Without time, we are unable to do what we need to do. And time is also about the space to think, it’s not just the space to do” said Makeka

By promoting this new way of thinking, Volkswagen is making sure that the luxury of time won’t go to waste. So if you have an idea that could make a valuable contribution to the world and a restless spirit, your journey begins here. Apply to the Touareg Sabbatical, driven by Volkswagen South Africa now.

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