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Managed services provider Itec has named Andrew Uglietti as the new Managing Director at Itec North, one of the top three dealers in the company’s 47-strong nationwide network.

Uglietti, a 10-year veteran of the hosted telephony industry, says his immediate task is to restore Itec North’s position as the top dealer in the country and improve the perception of the brand.

“Business technology needs are changing more rapidly than ever, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to stay current and make the most of their technology investments. Our clients are looking to us to stay ahead of those changes and help them get a competitive advantage through the smart use of technology,” said Uglietti.

Uglietti says he will be looking to build on Itec’s reputation for building bespoke solutions for its clients, commitment to service quality and technology thought leadership. He cut his teeth in the industry on Avaya call centres and smaller bespoke PBX systems for SMEs, but says it’s a keen focus on business needs, relationships and customer service that will give his company the edge in a busy managed services space.

“One of the big asks we’re getting from our corporate clients is a more stable network. Everyone’s using the fibre buzzword, because it forms the basis of practically every business process. A lot of clients are also intrigued by the Internet of Things (IoT) trend, and what it means for their businesses,” he said.

Itec Group executive director Gavin Meyer said Uglietti’s reputation as a ‘people person’, and ability to build relationships, was a key factor in his appointment.

“Andrew’s proven himself to be a highly savvy solutions architect for some of our most important clients, but his focus on creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience, his dedication to customer success and the wellbeing of his people is going to be what makes Itec North stand out going forward,” said Meyer.