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By Riaz Moola Founder and CEO of Hyperiondev

HyperionDev, an IT training company has added two on-site IT training bootcamps to its existing developer training offering.

Aligned to industry’s needs, the on-site Web Developer and Software Engineering are now structured to enable candidates to start coding as soon as possible with tasks designed to put acquired skills into practice.  Candidates will learn from experts and work in teams to develop essential skills like knowledge sharing, productivity, collaboration and complex problem-solving, among others.

The government’s focus to boost technology skills and get the country’s skills technology ready is a step in the right direction.  There is a dire need for tech talent, not only to fill current demand but also to building a future-fit IT workforce that is globally competitive and locally relevant.  The IT skills shortage is not going away, so we need to keep innovating IT education to strengthen and cultivate tech talent.  Both the SONA address and budget speech earlier this month has reinforced South Africa’s commitment to build towards the fourth industrial revolution.  We agree that new training interventions are needed and we welcome the focus of the budget allocated to getting the country technology ready.

Traditional education routes are completely out of touch with the skills needs of the industry and the training needs of our people.  The tech skills ecosystem is just not keeping up with the global shifts and pace of change.  While we have seen a few welcoming interventions, more is needed to address the skills gaps.

Enrolment is open to working professionals and students or anyone interested in pursuing a career in IT.  The bootcamps will also focus on health and life balance and include meditation sessions.  Candidates further benefit from post-graduation career services and will be connected to select hiring partners to increase their chances of employment.  For full syllabi and breakdown of the training programme visit www.hyperiondev.com/courses.

The company released its annual graduate report, which highlights that 95% of its graduates reached their career outcomes, with 72% switching into a new career in tech within three months of graduating. The average salary increase of graduates was R144,000 per year, more than doubling their average salary.