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We all know that when we move into our new home, there is a lot of work that needs to be done and we never know which room to tackle first. One of the easiest rooms you can jazz up first is your bathroom and Granny B’s Old-Fashioned Paint knows just how to do that!

Some of the easiest things you can start with in the bathroom are those old, white cupboards that always need some loving. Select a bright, refreshing Granny B’s Old-Fashioned chalk finish paint and give them a good splash of colour.

Another item in your bathroom that we don’t always consider, are the tiles! It is so easy to make the entire room look alive by putting a beautiful stencil on the wall or floor. This is also a much quicker job and you will get almost instant gratification.

Some of the things you would need to paint your bathroom tiles are:

  • Synthetic fibre brush for chalk paint
  • Granny B Old Fashioned Paint (chalk-finish)
  • Granny B Armour Sealer
  • Stencil
  • Soft rags

Step 1: Prepare your painting area

Clean tiles well with sugar-soap and scrubbing brush.

Step 2: Basic maintenance

Once dry apply the Granny B Zinsser 123 primer, (2 coats) and allow to cure for 4 days.

Step 3: Check your paint

Make sure you shake or stir the paint so it is mixed properly before you start.

Step 4 Go! Start painting and have fun!

Apply your first coat and wait for 2 hours, apply additional coats after an hour. Once your final coat has dried you can apply your stencil.

Step 6: Stencilling

This is done using a dry- brush technique; dip the tip of your brush into the paint and off-load the paint onto a rag until the brush seems to be ‘dry’.

Use a stippling or dabbing technique to apply the stencil design. Repeat to darken the stencilled pattern. For stencilling use a stencil brush or a narrow 10mm to 12mm paint brush.

Step 5: Seal

Apply 3 to 5 coats of our Granny B Armour Sealer and allow final coat to set for 72 hours.

More coats for heavier traffic. Always allow the final coat to cure before using the area.

Step 6: Cleaning process

Only ever clean with a mild solution of dishwashing liquid or handwashing liquid and warm water.

Step 7: Maintenance

An annual maintenance coat of Granny B Armour Sealer may be required depending on wear and tear.

Have fun, make a mess and then revel in the beautiful new room in your house that you have created on your own. There are many tutorials you can watch online if you are still feeling a little unsure, but don’t hold back on your creativity!