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By Christo Wessels, Sub-Saharan Africa Manager at MediaTek

Smartphones are critical devices for most people in their everyday lives. We use them daily – as a communication tool, we do our banking on it, we video conference and use it as entertainment.

With hundreds of smartphones to choose from – each with its unique technology and features, how would you go about in choosing your next cellphone? Here are some tips to help you choose.


Probably one of the most important criteria is how much you’re willing to spend and is it value for money? Smartphone prices range from R399 to thousands of Rands. Remember to stick to your budget.

Network technology

Your smartphone’s capability to connect to Wi-Fi is not enough anymore. Look at smartphones that support LTE/4G.


A smartphone serves as the primary camera for most social media users and ‘selfies’ are the latest trend. If you’re a regular user on social media platforms such as Instagram, your images need to impress. Apart from quality images, it is essential to have a back and front camera.

Operating system

Consider a smartphone that runs on Android PGo as a baseline. The Go edition learns your preferences and prioritises your apps on how often you use them ensuring you seldom or never drain your battery life. If you want to curb your data spend, PGo will show you how much time you spend on your phone and which apps you use the most. Use this information to set daily weekly and monthly limits on your app- and data-usage.


The smart choice to make here would be more than 1GB of RAM.

South African smartphone brand, Mobicel, recently launched its LTE-enabled Trendy 2 phone which fits all of the criteria above. You can find the Trendy 2 at all major retail stores around the country at R899.