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Following the launch of his well received book “Tech Adjacent: The exponential guide to leveraging technology for business success”, speaker, author and tech leader Mushambi Mutuma was recently awarded an opportunity to bring the concepts described in the book to life.

As some of the most credible conferences, Think Future and SAICA’s CA of the future attract an impressive cohort of distinguished thinkers within the field of Education and Accounting respectively. Both gathering target a wide range of leaders, influencers, change-makers and the multitudes.

Think Future proved that when a mix of very different people are brought together to make unusual connections to each other and to ideas; when they are presented with an urgent and relevant challenge; and when they are encouraged to explore solutions from different angles and without boundaries – magic happens.

Mushambi delivered a keynote that highlighted the need for everyone within the Education sector to contextualise technology and innovation within the African context as problem solvers and opportunity seekers. In his presentation he highlighted the future trends of technology, access to education, 3 billion newly connected consumers by 2022 and the opportunities we have as the world’s youngest population. 

Mitch Millar, who is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Think Future emphasized how Mushambi’s presentation left them all feeling more confident about their ability to use technology to scale as well as future proof their businesses.

Mushambi dove deeper into the future of workforces and companies in his keynote and book presentation with accountants at SAICA’s CA of The Future events both in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Not only is it key to simplify our perceptions of technology to learn how to use it but we also have to be equipped with tangible actionable advise. Mushambi’s conversation with the nations brightest CA(SA)’s unpacked how to embrace uncertainties, build beyond bookkeeping and number crunching, using rapid experimentation for scale and building for 100 years versus the next financial year.

“Accountant’s aren’t going to be replaced by AI and automation. However, accountants who don’t use AI and other technologies to scale will be replaced by accountants who do.” says Mushambi.