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According to Seda There are 2 550 540 SMMEs in South Africa and with there being much competition, businesses tend invest a significant amount of money into their marketing strategies. However, often times they don’t set proper evaluation metrics that will truly reflect the effectiveness of their efforts.    

In light of this, Sudonum helps businesses to prove return on investment by enabling them to understand how effective their marketing is using call tracking and analytics, and providing data on the communication activities on their web sites.

With the aim to achieve global reach in markets Sudonum was challenged with regards to maintenance and support of databases and hardware. However, AWS was the ideal platform that would give them a competitive advantage through technology support.

Using services such as RDS, Lambda and Quicksights the company is able to meet its strategy by offering services internationally as well as keeping the team efficient.

It’s no wonder Sudonum is the number one call tracking provider for marketplaces in SA and Mexico. It services businesses such as eBay, Gumtree etc. in South Africa, Mexico and Turkey.