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Hisense, a leading television and appliance manufacturer and UEFA EURO 2020 partner, today opened its presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, with one of its strongest product presentations to date. As an international brand excelling in meeting consumer needs across markets, Hisense is exhibiting ultra-premium TVs that push the boundaries of display technology, including an unbelievably-thin self-contained TV.

The Hisense booth proudly displays the 4K Smart TriChroma Laser TV (100L7T), the latest addition to the award-winning series that uses the foundational elements of color – red, blue and green. The outcome is a near-infinite array of colors, including Pure White. The TriChroma Laser TV has an X-Fusion Laser Light Engine that combines three independent lasers to accurately display a wide array of colors and hues, reaching 100 percent of DCI-P3 color space. A TI DLP chip enables blazing fast motion speeds with a 32 micro-seconds refresh rate for 8.3 million pixels, creating an unrivaled viewing experience that must be seen to believe.

“We are excited to showcase the breadth and depth of our 2019 Hisense product portfolio and talk about the next evolutions in TV, mobile, appliances and now Smart Home technologies,” said Dr. Lan Lin, executive vice president of Hisense Group Co., Ltd. “Our continued investment into R&D and vision for the future is the reason Hisense has found such success, so we welcome all to take a closer look at the breakthroughs that have resulted from our constant pursuit of developing innovative technology.”

Hisense Sonic One – A Slim Self-Contained TV

 An unbelievably thin self-contained television is among the innovations to see at the Hisense booth. Measuring only 1.1-inch at its deepest point, the Hisense Sonic One™ is a perfect marriage of industrial and mechanical design. The slim profile is achievable because a Piezoelectric speaker form factor pumps sound from the panel, maintaining a super-thin profile for the stunning display.

ULED XD – An Impeccable Experience

 ULED XD is a unique system of Hisense proprietary chip-sets, image processing algorithms and new panel technology for unprecedented dynamic range with incredibly deep blacks and dazzling brightness. Dual-cell ULED XD panel layers a 1080p module displaying a grayscale image between a full array LED backlight and a 4K module displaying a full color image, creating significant upgrades in local dimming, colors and dynamic range.


Hisense Adonis MD – A New Display Standard

 A new 145-inch Adonis MD MicroLED Display uses more than 10 million microscopic LEDs, which provide better contrast, brightness and motion fluidity while also maintaining energy efficiency. The advanced technology creates greater flexibility and control of light that could benefit anyone from a home owner to a company looking for ground-breaking display solutions. The Hisense Adonis MD maintains a 0.833mm pixel pitch, delivering one of the finest, most accurate resolution picture quality experiences ever witnessed on a display.

Smart Technologies, Smarter Living

 Hisense is showcasing a special concept at CES, bringing guests into a live simulation of how

Hisense appliances foster greater connections between devices within the smart home. Visitors will be able to open doors with a smart lock, trigger preferred settings with connected air conditioners. The smart home experience will also help consumers envision a near-future where ovens, refrigerators and other appliances anticipate their needs and respond to voice commands from Amazon Alexa.

Mobile Phones On Call

 The latest in Hisense’s full range of smartphones will be on display at CES for the world to see. The slate of eye-catching mobile products includes the dual-camera-wielding Infinity H12 and the A6 showcasing two screens, including one e-ink display. A wider range of entertainment friendly mobile phones offer a closer look at why Hisense enjoys continued success in the market.

Technology Laid Bare

 CES attendees can explore Hisense’s range of smartphones and appliances and get a rare look into the inner workings of what makes Hisense a global leader in display technology. Inside the booth are detailed stories and visible applications of Hisense’s proprietary technology, including ULED, Hi-View chipsets and the integration of AI. These are among the many internal enhancements that improve picture quality on Hisense’s newly-announced premium 2019 TV products – the Hisense U9F, Hisense H9F and Hisense H8F – that debuted at CES. Hisense’s full slate of products will be exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2019, at booth #10039 in Central Hall. For more information, visit