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Google has announced its first post-pandemic, in-person retail event will be taking place in Cape Town tomorrow. The Think Retail event is aimed at helping retailers prepare for the future of smart commerce.

The event will focus on dynamics in retail and provide engaging discussions on the state of the sector, new technologies¬† and emerging trends including social commerce and evolving consumer needs. Google’s Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Nitin Gajria will also give an address on what Google is doing to support retail in Africa.

“The state of retail in Africa is fast evolving and we want to help retailers prepare for the future of commerce. In South Africa alone, online sales grew by 66% year-on-year between 2019 and 2020 and with a young, digitally savvy population, Africa is poised for massive growth in the sector,” says Linah Maigurira, Sector Lead for Retail at Google.

“Since the advent of Covid, people have fundamentally changed the way they shop and retailers understand the changing needs of consumers. As Google, we are committed to partnering with them in this rapidly evolving climate, finding ways to create forward visibility of consumer needs and opportunities to meet them where they are. Google is committed to supporting economic recovery in Africa, and one way we are looking to do this is by enabling retailers to grow their businesses profitably, both in-store and online, in a way that is sustainable for users and for the environment,” Maigurira says.