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The EfficientGrip Performance, with its distinctive ZAF-marking on the sidewall, now includes adaptations for local, challenging conditions, making the tyre even stronger, to ensure better tread wear and increased mileage. The EfficientGrip Performance is a high performing, fuel saving tyre, specifically aimed at medium-class, high-end vehicles.

“The new tread compound formulation is optimised for low rolling resistance. The heat generated has been reduced during the deformation stage, thereby improving energy efficiency. Shorter wet braking distance and less fuel consumption is also achieved by optimising wet grip and rolling resistance balance over the entire life of the tyre”, said Goodyear Consumer Product Manager, Geshen Govender.

“Thanks to an innovative 3-dimensional block design within the tyre tread, the contact of the tyre with the road increases under braking. The tyre also provides excellent handling and vehicle control. We are very pleased to introduce the EfficientGrip Performance ZAF to the local market.”

The tyre has been released in 19 sizes ranging from 14 inch to 18 inch, with original equipment fitment on leading vehicle brands including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.