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Global car dealership software company CDK Global has announced that South African automotive customer management solutions provider CMS has joined the CDK Partner Programme in South Africa.

CDK Global provides software and technology solutions that transform automotive retail operations across the world while offering emerging and specialist tech companies API access to its Dealer Management System (DMS), as part of its open platform strategy. The CDK Partner Programme offers potential automotive tech partners access to the CDK core Dealer Management Systems using standardised integration points. Partners can improve the functionality of their products, scale up their businesses, share and manage data seamlessly, and use the Partner Programme to potentially enter into new geographical markets.

CMS is an independent supplier of custom software and marketing solutions to more than 560 dealerships across South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia, with an additional 420 individual dealer sales floors receiving and processing electronic prospects from major OEM call centres, daily. CMS managing director Leon Kemp says joining the CDK Partner Programme would open up new markets for both parties, while offering dealers a richer choice of applications and integration choices.

“Subscribing to the CDK Global Partner Programme will allow us to significantly enhance our customers’ experiences when using our systems together, creating a better experience for both the dealership staff and the retail customers,” said Kemp. “Dealers often struggle with a variety of different systems and tools in their business. Offering them a single point of contact allows them to focus on providing more innovative solutions to their customers.”

Phil Stubbs, General Manager, Middle East & Africa for CDK, said having CMS join the CDK Partnership Programme was a major milestone as the company looks to build out its local Partner Programme.

Thanks to the open platform, which gives partners unprecedented access to the DMS, CDK certified third party applications will be able to work seamlessly with the CDK DMS, making data available in the right system at the right time. Our mission is to create a truly open and connected auto retail industry, that will significantly improve the car buying and ownership experience for consumers and dealers.

“Purchasing and servicing vehicles often lacks a real connection between online and in-store experiences. Dealer productivity can be impacted if technology solutions do not connect across various providers, which hinders the ability to deliver a seamless customer experience. Technology that was designed to make the industry more efficient has, in many ways, caused things to become more complicated and expensive to manage” said Stubbs.

“Improving these connections is crucial to automotive commerce. Our Partner Programme will bring applications together via an open platform, enabling integration with CDK DMS products to provide easy access for dealers to deliver the very best car buying experience for today’s customer,” said Stubbs.

To find out more about the CDK Partner Programme visit https://www.cdkglobal.com/en-za/partner-programme .