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Christmas has passed, the decorations have been packed away, guests have left, and all the treats have been devoured. A brand-new calendar is due because we’ve snapped into the new year.

Holidays have passed all too soon and it’s time to get back to work and get the kids ready for school. While it sounds stressful, having a plan and going in with some preparation is the best way to ensure a smooth transition back into one’s daily life.

Its like discovering the truth about Santa Claus all over again, but it doesn’t have to be that way, you can beat the January blues and HMD Global will show you how.

Get it together

Returning to our normal routine of early nights and waking up with the birds can induce what’s been dubbed ‘social jet lag’. But have no fear you’re going to be just fine. Start getting up early a week before it all commences as a drill to mentally prepare yourself and ensure your transition is a smooth one.

Never be late

Ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong? This is known as the domino effect and it tends to happen to everyone. To avoid all those dominos falling, there needs to be a plan in place from the night before.

Get all uniforms and shoes ready, get all your meals preps sorted and most importantly wake up on time. Do not press that snooze button because all it takes is one thing to go wrong for everything else to follow.

The Nokia 7.1 Android software will allow you to download apps like SleepBot which will help you monitor your sleep, if you sleep with your phone near you, SleepBot will show a series of graphs of your sleeping patterns allowing you to get an idea of the quality of your hours of rest and what times of deepest sleep throughout the night are.

Set goals

It sounds cliché to set yourself New Year’s Resolutions, but goal setting is a great way to help you stay motivated throughout the year. Whether your new goal is to get healthier by working out more or starting your own business. Having a list of objectives written down will give you a little boost to look forward to the year ahead.

There are some cool Goal Tracking Apps available from the Google Play Store that you can download on your Nokia Android smartphone to keep track of all the goals you are setting and wanting to achieve over the next 12-months or longer. Just search for ‘Goal Tracker’ in the Play Store and you can pick the most suitable one for you.

Dress for success

Kids grow and outgrow their uniform so fast that it often needs to be replaced every few years if not every year! School sports are also something to remember when picking up new uniforms, whether your child may need specific items or not. While you’re at it, updating your wardrobe could be a nice way to treat yourself and kick the new year into gear – remember, you should always be dressing for your next position.

Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good

The thought of exercising so early in the year probably still makes you sad but getting up and getting active is one of the best things you can do because exercise releases mood boosting endorphins.

There is a wide variety of healthy lunch options and recipes available to enjoy, the Nokia 7.1 has 400 GB MicroSD card support storage, so you can download all the health apps you need to support you on your journey.

A great idea is to work with your children on choosing healthier options for their lunch. This can also extend to you, by preparing work and school lunches with the whole family you can save time and make much better-eating decisions together, because after all a healthy family is a happy family.

With Android 9 Pie’s Digital Wellbeing app, time doesn’t have to be out of your hands. Monitor and manage your digital habits and wind down when you need it most

Now that you have the tools to conquer January, go full steam ahead to enjoy your best year yet!