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On 1 May, South Africa and other countries worldwide celebrate Workers Day, for most people, it means a day off from work, for some, it means a chance to get away for a long weekend. Either way this day celebrates you and appreciates the long hours you endure weekly at work, on emails or chasing deadlines.

While this time off would be just enough for you to relax and recoup going back to work should not be dreadful, embrace the blues and find ways to make those almost nine hours a pleasant experience. To help you do that HMD Global has put together a five useful tips to help all working individuals make their days a little easier after Worker’s Day and beyond.

tart strong

Morning is the time of the day when your brain is in its most creative state and ready to tackle the day. The first three hours of your day can determine how your day turns out. So, by doing tasks that will require most of your time in the first hours of the day you end up delivering the best results on your work leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Prim and proper

Nothing kills creativity and focus like clutter. A tidy desk is a symbol of a well-ordered mind. Declutter your immediate environment by not keeping too many items on your desk at a time. Put some thought in all aspects when you start placing the items on your desk. And make a genuine commitment to keep your workspace decluttered daily.

Dedicated assistance

The days of waiting for a corner office to get a PA are long gone. As technology continues to evolve all the help anybody could ever need now lies in the palm of their hand. Features such as Google Assist can help you ensure that no task is missed. Your Google Assistant already helps with your personal life, but now when you sign in, you can easily use your Assistant to help you prepare for the work day, too. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or in the car, you’ll be able to ask your Assistant to tell you about upcoming deadlines, when and where your next meeting is, and stay on top of any scheduling changes or catch-up with calls.

Take a break

You’re only as productive as you are relaxed.  Understandably deadlines need to be met and targets need to be reached but when brain fog hits make it a point to step away from your desk for a few minutes. Step outside or make a cup of tea, you’re guaranteed to return feeling rejuvenated. Consider downloading the Work/Rest Interval Timer app a multi-platform application that makes it quite easy to remind yourself to take a break from your computer. Using the app, you can create two different types of reminders, namely Micro Breaks and Regular Breaks. Just like with Big Stretch Reminder, you can configure the app to prevent you from skipping breaks.

Define your overall wellbeing

Did you know that almost 80,000 hours of your time will be spent at work? And because work plays a significant role in our lives, herein lies the importance of recognising its impact on your overall wellbeing. It requires a little change here and there and regular habits just to get you on track. The Nokia Android smartphone range, running on Android 9 Pie, has Digital Wellbeing tools and features that help you better understand your tech usage, so you can focus on what matters the most. This allows you to disconnect when needed and create healthy habits and boundaries for yourself. There’s so much you can do with your Nokia smartphone if you want it to be mindful towards your wellbeing.