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There is a lifetime of innovation packed into every OPPO handset and each one has been designed to offer an exceptional technology experience.

The beautiful OPPO A72 brings all the premium features like a great camera experience and expansive, high-resolution display to an affordable price. The smooth performing A53s delivers the latest technology trends like a 90Hz high refresh rate display to a wide audience, unlocking powerful performance for legions of cost-conscious gamers. If you just want the basics, then the A15 is the best choice to glide through all your daily tasks with ease.

Joining the OPPO family not only gets you a high-quality handset, but every OPPO smartphone comes with an exclusive bundle of OPPO Rewards from the brands you love. It’s OPPO’s way of saying thank you and further delivering on the promise of unparalleled value for money. OPPO Rewards include:

With 3 months free or an R300 voucher added to your existing account, you can enjoy your favourite shows in high definition wherever you are, right in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to boredom.

Use a Superbalist voucher to get the outfit that matches your beautiful new phone.

Google Play Store
Whether it’s that amazing audio workstation, video editor, or just a game you’ve had your eye on, enjoy it on your new OPPO handset with a Google Play Store voucher.

Go Gamers
Have a year on OPPO to join the world’s largest, most connected and most expansive amateur gaming experience. Join leagues and climb the leaderboard and win prizes, it’s all here.

Priced from R6 999 for the A72, R4 999 for the A53s and R2 999 for the A15, the devices can also be purchased on 24-month contracts and are available at Vodacom Stores, Foschini, Cellucity, 4U, Chatz, Hi, Game and their respective online stores.

From 7 December 2020, you can get the OPPO A15 for R2999 cash or from R1999.00 per month and the A53s for R4999 cash or from R199.00 pm on 24-month contracts at Cellucity.

Game is currently offering the A53s on a 24-month contract from R299 pm and includes an R300 in-store voucher.

Double up on the A-series goodness with these exclusive Double Deals available from 7 December to 7 January:

OPPO Device Vodacom Shop, CelluCity, Chatz, 4U Game
A72 + A15 From R499pm x 24 Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2,
OPPO Enco W11 Ear Buds,
BT Speaker
R500 Store Voucher
A15 + A15 From R299pm x 24 Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
From R299pm x 24 Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
A15 + Tablet From R369pm x 24 Plus:
OPPO Rewards
BT Speaker