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Father’s Day is around the corner, and it will be a celebration of all the brave dads who play an important part in our lives. These men are sports dads, classic dads, business dads, adventurous and DIY dads, and all enjoy something a little different.

HONOR has a selection of tech products packed with innovative features and capabilities that suit their various day-to-day needs. We’ve rounded up five smartphones from HONOR that will make the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Sport Enthusiast: HONOR Magic6 Pro

For the sport and outdoor enthusiasts, the HONOR Magic6 Pro which was launched in South Africa recently is the perfect option. It is packed with flagship AI features that will make you stand out from your rivals. It comes equipped with the best on-device AI camera, representing a leap forward in AI-powered photography. Sporting the the upgraded HONOR Falcon Camera System, including a 50MP Wide camera, 50MP Ultra-wide camera, and 180MP Periscope Telephoto camera, it is the ultimate tool for Sportography.

Say goodbye to those blurry action shots with the Motion Sensing Capture feature which is based on 8 million Movement Samples – it allows the device to capture hundreds of images based on motion. Now you can capture a diverse range of sports and activities that extend beyond the realms of stretching, walking, running, and jogging, covering 10 kinds of mainstream sports.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro comes in Epi Green and Black variants and retails from R27,999.

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The Business Leader: HONOR Magic V2

The HONOR Magic V2 was designed with business leaders in mind who prefer a bit more sophistication. Crowned the thinnest and lightest inward foldable smartphone, it ushered in the millimeter era. It weighs a mere 231g and measures 9.9mm thick when folded and 4.7mm when unfolded. The dual screen makes multitasking a breeze with the ability to run several apps at a time. You can review and edit reports on one screen and review emails on the other. This assists in maintaining focus and increasing productivity.

What’s more, it is equipped with the industry-leading 5000mAh HONOR Dual Silicon-carbon Battery with an average thickness of only 2.72mm. This powerful battery can last a 15-hour workday, giving you the confidence to do more while on the move.

The HONOR Magic V2 which comes in Black with a special vegan leather back is available for the recommended retail price of R39,999.


For the DIY dads, who are always working on a new home project, the HONOR X9b 5G from the reliable X Series is perfectly suited for those unpredictable moments, offering cutting edge technology and unmatched durability.

What makes this smartphone standout is its industry-leading HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display. It provides all-round drop resistance for the screen as part of the 360° whole-device protection, helping the entire phone withstand drops onto any face or corner, even against hard surfaces like marble. So, say goodbye to the fear of cracking your screen after multiple drops and say hello to the finished project you’ve been putting off for a while.

The durability of the HONOR X9b extends to the battery, a long-lasting 5800mAh battery that enables day-long productivity, with the capability to power the device for up to 3 days from a single charge. Not only does it offer display durability it also provides expert-level camera and cutting-edge hardware and software.

Grab The HONOR X9b 5G today for R12,999.

Adventure Enthusiast: HONOR X7b

Enter the reliable HONOR X7b for the adventurous dads who are constantly doing something out of the box, whether it be exploring the city or driving to nearby outdoor destinations to try a new activity.  This smartphone is designed to fulfill all your smartphone requirements comprehensively. With a robust 6,000mAh battery, stunning 6.8-inch display with eye comfort features, huge 256GB storage capacity, and an impressive 108MP Superior Main Camera, this device encompasses everything you truly seek in a smartphone. The HONOR X7b delivers precisely what you need and more.

It runs on the MagicOS 7.2 based on Android 13. The device supports a smart multi-window feature, enabling the simultaneous opening of two apps on the same screen. With the freedom to freely adjust floating windows, resizing and repositioning them according to personal preference, users can revel in the sheer convenience of multitasking.

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In comparison to other smartphones within its category, the HONOR X7b stands out for offering an impressive range of features at a highly attractive price. It retails for R6,499 for those budget-friendly dads.

Match any of these four smartphones with HONOR’s wearable options and you’ve got a happy dad. For example, the HONOR Watch 4 boasts a large 1.75-inch AMOLED Colour Screen display with up to 60Hz refresh rate, Bluetooth Calling Support, and an impressive 14-day maximum battery life, making it the perfect companion for users to keep track of their wellbeing anytime, anywhere. It is available for R3,499 only.  While the HONOR Band 7 is available at an exciting price of R999.

Visit your nearest retailer today and grab the perfect HONOR tech gift.

For more information, please visit HONOR at https://www.honor.com/za/

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