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Launched in Durban in late June 2019, Taxi Live Africa is a 100% South African e-hailing app.  Taxi Live Africa has been designed to give metered taxi drivers, private and owner taxi drivers their own app.  This app will enable them to operate in a competitive marketplace and give passengers an affordable and safe transport solution.

Taxi Live Africa has spent many months engaging with metered and mini-bus taxi associations. Following the successful soft launch of the app at the end of June, Taxi Live Africa has received more than 700 registrations in Durban alone and is receiving applications every day from Durban drivers, as well as from drivers in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.  The company plans to roll out to these two major cities within weeks and then to extend the service to other South African cities over the next few months. The objective is to attract as many licensed taxi drivers as possible nationally. Taxi Live Africa founder Luvuyo Ntshayi says: “Over the past two weeks we have also seen a substantial growth of users downloading the app and we’re confident that we have found the answer to both the drivers’ and passengers’ prayers.”

Why Taxi Live?

The app has been locally developed, it has been rigorously tested and adapted and, importantly, it has been specifically developed for the metered and licensed taxi driver market in South Africa.  Special features for the Taxi Live Africa app have been included, namely:

1.            Emergency button: both a user and the driver can add a trusted contact number of a friend or family member during their trip and share the trip.  In case of an emergency, they can click on the emergency button and it will immediately alert the person who has been added who can then trace the route until the end and request the relevant assistance on your behalf

2.            Live chat support: both users and drivers can chat in real time with the Taxi Live Africa support team and receive a quick response to any of their queries

3.            Scheduled ride: passengers are also able to schedule a ride with the driver for a later date

4.            Police Emergency number: is another built-in feature

These special features are additional to the main features, which are found on other e-hailing apps around the world.

E-hailing – the way forward

Hailing a car using your cell phone is not a new concept but Taxi Live Africa founder Luvuyo Ntshayi believes that this is a proudly South African e-hailing app that has been created especially to meet a demand by metered taxis for their own dedicated app, while providing a reliable and affordable service for passengers. “It’s all about trust and safety” said Luvuyo.  “Our admin offices are in Durban and Cape Town where we will also provide an email or phone response to both passengers and drivers.”

To register as a Taxi Live Africa driver, several criteria need to be met.  For example, vehicles may not be older than six years; they must be four-door cars; and drivers must supply all certificates and permits.

The Taxi Live Africa app allows passengers to select their journey and pay with either their cards or cash at the end of their journey.

Taxi Live Africa

Taxi Live Africa is a South African organisation founded by Luvuyo Ntshayi and his business partner Soyiso Qotyiwe in September 2017.  The project is a self-funded model.

The app

·         The Taxi Live Africa app is both Android and Apple friendly and available on iOS and Android platforms.

·         Local offices in Durban and Cape Town provide back-up support service.