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Epson, a leading innovator in printing and projector technology, has donated an Epson Discproducer PP-50II to PinkDrive, an NGO dedicated to promoting cancer awareness, helping to prevent the disease in South Africa.

The Discproducer will enable the PinkDrive team to save and store patients’ X-ray images securely onto Blu-Ray, DVDs or CDs, removing the need for traditional X-ray slides. This solution saves both time and money and means PinkDrive can continue to provide free cancer screening to underprivileged communities in South Africa.

“PinkDrive, like any hospital or clinic, relies on efficient technology to promote cancer awareness and provide patients with the best care,” says Hugh Davies business systems account manager at Epson South Africa. “By equipping PinkDrive’s mobile unit with Epson’s Discproducer PP-50II, the NGO can create optical discs that securely store patient information in a dependable format that’s water-resistant, dust-resistant, and can withstand humidity.”

PinkDrive has provided over 20,000 mammograms and over 150,000 clinical breast examinations to disadvantaged communities, thanks to corporate partnerships and CSI funding. These partnerships help the organisation realise its fundamental goal, to prevent as many people as possible from succumbing to breast, cervical, prostate, and testicular cancers.

“We’re so grateful to Epson for donating this device as it will allow us to continue providing an effective service to those who live in remote areas and cannot access reasonable healthcare,” says Noelene Kotschan founder, CEO and Director of PinkDrive “We’re confident that having this technology in our mobile unit will allow us to save even more lives.”