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What would the April holiday be without a mini road trip? Those who’ve planned ahead are ready to hit the road and get in some much-needed R&R. It is, after all, a great time to spend with family and friends.

This also means many South African’s will head out onto the open roads in search of a change in scenery. With road safety being a huge priority, HMD Global has put together a few useful tips to help make the journey as enjoyable as the destination this Easter.

Five-point turn

Impromptu trips may be fun, but planned ones are better… Knowing where, when and how you’re going can take a lot of stress out of the arriving. It’s unthinkable to travel anywhere without a mapping solution, real-time data contributed from Google maps can provide awareness of traffic hazards such as accidents, road obstructions, law enforcement activity or even a must-see rest stop to make the most of your journey. For peace of mind consider trusted holiday maker sites to help you avoid a wrong-turn situation that can leave you miserable.

Expect the unexpected

Accidents are unplanned, but they are avoidable if you’re cautious. Visit your car dealer for a safety check before you head out to ensure everything is in order. Life is unpredictable enough as it is, a simple car check could spare a life.

Eyes on the prize

Distracted driving is dangerous, but it is something you can mitigate if you make the conscious commitment. Instances of distracted driving during holiday season tend to peak, and they have poor effects on road safety. The increased popularity and accessibility of mobile device innovation has seen the launch of features such as Google Assist which can help you respond via voice command to your messages and calls, so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Enjoy the journey

All drivers have at some point had to endure constant whines of “are we there yet?” from their passengers and for this reason they know the value of on-the-road entertainment during a family road trip. Consider electing a passenger as team captain of onboard entertainment, using their device as a source for quizzes and trivia games as the ideal companion for the road ahead. You can find various age- appropriate games for wholesome family fun, testing your knowledge on various topics. Family members can team up or fight for the coveted crown as individuals.

Remember why you’re traveling to begin with… there are Easter eggs to be eaten, and fish to be braaied, so keep safe on your journey and enjoy the ride.