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As the gaming industry continues to grow rapidly, the DStv Content Creator Awards will for the first time honour The Gaming Creator of the Year. 

This exciting new category will honour an outstanding individual who has demonstrated exceptional talent, creativity, influence, and dedication in creating gaming content that resonates with audiences and contributes to the gaming community as a whole.

Entries in this category may include gaming creators from streaming and social media platforms, who have showcased exceptional talent, passion, and dedication to growing the industry.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce the Gaming Creator of the Year category to this year’s DStv Content Creator Awards,” says Manuela Dias De Deus, Founder of the DStv Content Creator Awards. “This category acknowledges the immense talent and creativity within the gaming community and provides a platform for these creators to gain the recognition they deserve. We encourage all gaming content creators to enter and showcase their exceptional work.”

The DStv Content Creator Awards have always been about celebrating innovation and excellence across various content creation platforms. With the addition of the Gaming Creator of the Year category, the awards continue to evolve, reflecting the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the content creation industry.

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Apart from the Gaming Creator Of The Year Award, South African creators and brands are eligible to enter a variety of other categories. 

This year’s categories are:


1. Thumb-stopping Award

2. *New* Best Event After Movie Award 


3. Podcast of the Year Award 

4. *New* Storyteller Award (10 minutes to 30 minutes) 

5. Song of the Year Award (opens for public voting once the five nominees are announced)


6. Best Creator Campaign Award


7. Social Commentary Award

8. DStv Creator of the Year Award (public voting once the nominees are announced)

9. Emerging Creator Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)

10. Cause Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)

11. *New* Pan-African Creator Award

12. *New* Trendsetter Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)

13. Fashion & Style Award

14. Foodie Award

15. Travel & Lifestyle Award

16. *New* Gaming Creator of the Year

17. Beauty Award

Entries for the 2024 DStv Content Creator Awards close on 21 June 2024 and will take place in Johannesburg on 12 October. For more information, visit www.contentcreatorawards.co.za.

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