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International Women’s Day celebrates the increasing achievements of women in various spheres including social, economic and cultural achievements. The day is also aimed at increasing gender equality. What many may not consider is that an important part of empowerment is ensuring all have the necessary skills to be safe and competent drivers on South Africa’s roads.

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, encourages female drivers to upskill themselves with defensive driver training. “Part of human nature is to focus much of our attention on improving our skills and abilities that can help us be better at our jobs. Yet, what use are these skills, if the worst were to happen and you were seriously injured or even killed in a crash?

“Getting behind the wheel is something we do everyday and, for some, little focus is paid to improving this area of our life. Driving defensively can impact many spheres of a woman’s life. The most important of these is being equipped to handle the challenges that South African roads throw at you. Yet, spending time improving these skills can also impact you economically, professionally and personally.”


Growth in female drivers is exceeding that of males as more women receive access and opportunities to learn to drive. Along with this, more women are playing a vital role in manging fleets and running companies involved in the transport sector. “It is for this reason that MasterDrive is in their fourth year of hosting our Women in Transport event that honours the role that women play in the transport industry.

“We have rebranded as Women with Drive to acknowledge the role women play in all businesses that function in the transport sector. The event explores the opportunities for empowerment that are still present. We identify issues and challenges pertinent to our guests and address these in a practical and real-life manner. MasterDrive embraces the role of females in our industry and encourages others to join us in this regard.”

The first instalment of Women with Drive will be hosted on 17 April this year. The event will also empower and raise funds for school girls whose education is affected by lack of access to basic sanitary items. If you would like to join us in this cause as a sponsor or guest, please contact Sam or Nishani by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]