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Leading technology and managed services provider, Dimension Data, has announced an exclusive partnership with global independent software vendor IntelliDocX that will see the inclusion of critical content migrations services added to Dimension Data’s regional offering across South Africa, Middle East and Africa (excluding Saudi Arabia).

The additional software-as-a-service offering will allow Dimension Data customers to migrate existing SAP content to the Microsoft Azure platform effortlessly, and with full compliance and regulatory adherences to GDPR and POPI.

“The IntelliDocX technology addresses the challenges of optimising and automating document driven business processes, combining Enterprise Information Management, Business Process Management, based on SAP/MS interoperability technology with ready-to-run SAP/SharePoint platform functionality,” says Pieter Potgieter, Senior Commercial Manager at Dimension Data.

With the ongoing demands for applications modernisation, cloud-based- everything, the solution is tailored for businesses that currently require the need to modernise their enterprise resource processes and therefore the efficiencies of their own document management processes (like financial statements and invoices reconciliations). Customers will benefit from cost efficiencies and cloud optimisation – supporting their cloud journey with ease.

“Data compliance and regulatory requirements (including GDPR and POPI) means clients are interrogating how and where their data is stored as well as who has access to it in an attempt to safeguard information while mitigating the consequences of a leak or the misuse of that data,” says Potgieter.

“The protection and storage of documents and private information is now more important than ever before, and IntelliDocX allows easy categorisation and management for ever increasing compliance needs, while extending the benefit beyond just the need to be compliant,” concludes Potgieter.

Business operations cannot be stalled and often the solutions that underpin the business are the most challenging to move; moving these systems is risky and often completed with some hesitation. Software solutions are becoming smarter, more cost efficient and remove the risk attached to legacy migrations. Dimension Data hopes that by removing the adverse risks associated with lifting documents to the cloud, the ease of cloud adoption will be further embraced as the world moves to a more permanent state of remote working.

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