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 It’s the week of love, where sugar-coating almost anything is no longer a faux-pas but a requirement to highlight affection. With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Uber Eats has released some surprising stats around the much-loved dessert menu. Since January 2019, over 400 000 locals have ordered dessert via the Uber Eats app, now Uber Eats has released some of the most-loved desserts. 

Chocolate-covered anything
Based on the data, chocolate is among the most favoured flavour when it comes to dessert, so it’s no wonder that locals flock to anything smothered, covered or dripping in it. With multiple iterations, from full cream to vegan, there is an option for anyone to enjoy in the bitter-sweet essence. Keep it classic like 1000 others who enjoyed a slice of cake or why not go all out. 

Whether locals order one milkshake and two straws, a vegan Belgian waffle with half cream half ice cream or even chocolate topped pizza dessert, the options are limitless on the app. 


Sugary-sweet, please
Sweet dreams are made of this and who is anyone to disagree? South Africans love a sweet treat to cap off any meal, and while some will keep it traditional with a slice of milk tart, others would indulge in a fully-loaded double sweet, triple thick ice cream. In the last year, over 1100 locals have ordered doughnuts which prove to be a popular dessert and must-have accessory at any good dinner party. 

For those who are health-conscious and refuse to break their New Year’s resolutions for even a day (salute), the app offers a variety of sugar-free, gluten-free options to enjoy in. As per the Uber Eats FoodCast, honey and coconut are among the most popular dessert ingredients ordered in 2019 by the local public. 

Message on a cake box
To make a candy-coated situation cuter, some locals have used the app as personalised food love letters. Many have left requests when placing an order, asking the restaurant to write a note to those they have ordered for. Be it for ‘my liefie’ or ‘S’thandwa Sam’, it’s easy to spread some love, no matter the distance with one user who lives kilometres away, requesting a note that read ‘Happy Valentine’s my love. While I can’t take you out, I did get you your favourite take-out.’. 

Whether it’s ordering the 2-for-1 deal (which over 230 000 South Africans had done in 2019) and not sharing, or a combo meal and splitting the chips, Uber Eats is the perfect partner no matter the relationship status! So forget attempting that croquembouche and let Uber Eats take the pressure off this Valentine’s Day.