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We know you’ve got a story to tell, a Snapchat Story that is. This time, why not share your personal story through your favourite song or podcast with Deezer straight to Snapchat?

It’s a snap. Just pick any track that you want to share. Make it uniquely yours by adding text, gifs or stickers. You control who sees your content, whether it’s all of your friends or just one at a time.

If your pals also have Deezer, they can swipe up on your story to play the song you’ve shared directly in our app. If they don’t have an account, they’ll only see the album and song cover. Don’t worry, we’ll give them a second chance. They can swipe up and we’ll redirect them to the right app store to download Deezer.

Here’s how it works from our side:

  1. Pick a song, artist, album, playlist, podcast or episode and tap the share icon next to your play button
  2. Select Snapchat under “share options”
  3. Tag your buddies, add your whereabouts or throw in a funny gif or sticker
  4. Send to one friend, many friends or keep it public for all

Pretty simple, right? In a few weeks, you’ll also be able to share your favourite lyrics (up to 150 characters) with your Snapchat friends.

“The music and shows you enjoy help shape who you are. Thanks to our Snapchat integration, there’s finally no need to swap between apps when you find something your friends really need to hear,” said Stefan Tweraser, Deezer’s Chief Product and Growth Officer.

“Snapchat is all about real friends. There’s nothing more natural than to share your favourite music with your close friends. This collaboration between Snapchat and Deezer will allow our users to get closer not only through chat, image and video, but now also through music,” said Gregoire Gimaret, International Product Marketing Manager, Snapchat.

Snapchat will be rolling out on Deezer starting today on Android and iOS 13 devices. Make sure you download the latest version of our app.