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Calling all fans of high fidelity! We’ve just taken FLAC quality sound to every device. Wherever you are, Deezer HiFi is now bringing 52 million tunes to your mobile or web.

All of Deezer’s HiFi tracks can be downloaded, so you don’t have to compromise on quality when you listen to music offline. Plug in your high fidelity headphones and you’ll also get these added features with Deezer HiFi:

●        Over 52 million songs all in FLAC quality

●        No adverts interrupting your tunes

●        Download all tracks, playlists or mixes and listen offline

●        Listen on FLAC supported devices, including Android, iOS, web & desktop

●        Groundbreaking 360 Reality Audio tracks in the ‘360 by Deezer’ app

In the last year we’ve seen a 45% increase in our HiFi subscribers worldwide. Plus we’ve added another 11 million tracks in FLAC quality. 

“We’re proud to say that we’re completely obsessed with sound. If you turn on HiFi and close your eyes, it’s like you’re in the studio with your favourite artist. Having Deezer HiFi on mobile and web means you can always feel this, even if you’re on the go” said Chief Product and Growth Officer, Stefan Tweraser, who also happens to be a big fan of high fidelity sound.

For those keen to try the high fidelity listening experience for the first time, get Deezer HiFi for just R119.99 per month, with the first 30 days free*.