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Datacentrix, a high performing and secure ICT solutions provider, has once again reaped the rewards of its dedication to HP Inc. by taking home the lion’s share of awards for 2019 at the technology organisation’s recent annual awards ceremony – four in total.

Within the ‘South African awards’ category, Datacentrix was named as ‘PC Platinum Partner of the Year’ and also ‘Print Platinum Partner of the Year’ for 2019.

“The Platinum Partner titles are always highly competitive, so we are most pleased that Datacentrix continued its winning streak, receiving these two titles for the second consecutive year,” explains Datacentrix end user computing (EUC) product manager, Elmari Keyser.

One of the influencing factors in Datacentrix’ win was its ongoing revenue contribution to HP’s laptop and desktop business, as well as its Managed Print Services (MPS) suite of offerings, says Michael van Lier, district manager for southern Africa at HP Inc.

“Datacentrix reached the highest revenue target, but also, perhaps even more importantly, it saw the highest percentage growth over the year. These particular awards could be considered the equivalent of the finance industry’s Raging Bull Awards – they are two of our most prestigious titles and are hotly contested within the Platinum Partner level. It is a real accolade to Datacentrix for having garnered two of them.”

Another significant award received by Datacentrix, he continues, is the ‘Partner First Printing Services Sales Partner of the Year 2019’, which falls within the ‘Specialisation awards’ category.

“A key current HP Inc. strategy is to move from purely transactional business – the selling of hardware – to a solutions-based focus. This particular specialisation award highlights the fact that Datacentrix has embraced this approach and indeed is aligned with the group strategy of providing business solutions to its clients. Datacentrix places great emphasis on the MPS offering in particular, seeing excellent traction within the Western Cape.”

Finally, general manager: end user computing at Datacentrix, Jamie Scott, received the distinction of ‘Executive of the Year 2019’. According to Van Lier, Scott was voted to win by the local HP Inc. channel and enterprise teams. “The consensus was that Jamie embodied commitment to execution, which emanates from the executive level down within the company.”

Keyser maintains that the four awards received by Datacentrix highlight its underlying commitment to HP as a brand. “The two companies work very closely, as an extension of one another, and this type of recognition is testament to the fact that we have maintained HP’s stringent standards, and delivered a best-in-class service,” she states.

“Combined, Datacentrix and HP Inc. have a level of partnership not often found; we essentially have an integrated approach and address market challenges jointly. The 2019 awards received by Datacentrix reinforce this concept, as a true partnership enables businesses to work together to develop results, through both good and bad times. Our partnership has proven that we are still able to grow together, even under today’s more difficult economic circumstances,” Van Lier concludes.