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Keeping on top of monthly bills and payments can become a challenge if one’s financial circumstances change. Falling behind on monthly payments is daunting, not only because of the negative effect it has on one’s credit record.

In an effort to help consumers manage their finances better, WesBank, the country’s leading vehicle and asset provider, launched StayOnTrack in December last year. StayOnTrack is a campaign designed to help customers manage their financial commitments better, with no hassle, and provide important and helpful information and education.

StayOnTrack encourages customers to use all the existing WesBank and FNB online channels available to them to keep track of their finances and financial responsibilities in order to make appropriate and informed decisions in situations that might have a negative impact on their financial circumstances (if these aren’t paid up timeously). Customers are encouraged to interact and transact at their leisure, and are supported with helpful information and guidance.

The campaign is incentivised and customers stand a chance to receive cash rewards for demonstrating responsible financial behaviour, such as keeping up to date with monthly payments.

On 26 June 2019, 18 customers will be awarded various cash incentives at a prizegiving event at the WesBank offices in Fairlands to a maximum of R100 000 per customer, based on their changed behaviours.  

The financial wellbeing of our customers is critically important to us especially in the context of a very challenging macroeconomic environment. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can help them be financially savvy and avoid the pitfalls that borrowing money can have. StayOnTrack is one such initiative where we have actively assisted our customers by providing them with helpful information and demonstrating how our many online channels can assist them in staying financially healthy”, says Ghana Msibi, WesBank Executive Head of Motor.

We would like to thank all customers that heeded the call and participated in this campaign. We encourage them to StayOnTrack and consistent in their changed financial behaviours. Good Luck to all the finalists for tomorrow as we get ready for the prizegiving event”, concluded Msibi.