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In today’s world, a person’s mobile phone is their life. It contains valuable data and information, including their contacts, their schedule on the calendar, precious memories in the form of photos and videos, reminder notes, and much more.

A lost, damaged or stolen phone can mean that this data and information is gone forever, if it has not been backed up to an off-device location. Whether the result of theft, clumsiness (remember that time you dropped your phone in the pool), or sheer bad luck, your smartphone, and its contents, are always at risk.

This is where cloud storage comes in as a back-up option. First created back in the 1960s, this form of data storage and protection gained traction and saw a massive uptake in the 1990s. Cloud storage copies data and information from a device and stores it in the cloud.

However, worries around data breaches and privacy concerns are all too real currently. What if someone is able to gain access to all my personal information? With HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, your data is securely stored with industry-leading dual encryption ensuring that no one but you can access it. It also conveniently allows you to access your stored data anytime, from anywhere, on any Huawei or Android device.

The First Step

The first thing you will need to do when beginning to use the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud platform, is to create a HUAWEI ID. Your HUAWEI ID acts as an access card to all your information in the cloud. You can also choose to sync your data between two or more active devices, as well as whether you want automatic or manual backup of data.

Multiple options

When you first activate HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you are given 5GB of free cloud storage space. However, if you have a lot of data on your mobile phone, and want to ensure that it is all safely backed-up, there are three further cloud storage packages for you to choose from. There’s the 50GB option for R15 a month. However, if you wish to store your data for a longer period, you can have the 50GB at R180 for a year or R90 for 6 months.

Other packages include:

Storage Space: GB Monthly Fee 6 Monthly Fee Annual Fee
200GB R45 R270 R540
2048GB R150 R900 R1800

If, for some reason you no longer want your cloud storage, you are able to cancel your subscription at any time.

Even more deals

HUAWEI Mobile Services recently partnered with MTN to introduce a brand new payment method for users, direct carrier billing (DCB). To celebrate this partnership, MTN pre-paid users can now pay for their HUAWEI Mobile Cloud storage using their MTN airtime, and MTN contract users can add this payment to their monthly bill. MTN users that choose the new DCB payment method will get 50% off the price of monthly packages, and 20% off yearly packages in the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud platform. Click here, from your Huawei device, to find out more about this offer.

Take control of safeguarding everything on your device, from photos and videos to contacts, notes and applications by backing-up all your valuable data in the cloud! The convenient, secure and easy way to ensure that you are covered.