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Fujifilm’s Instax range offers users the enticing prospect of being able to utilise a retro-styled cameras to capture photos (to utilise a well-known, almost cliche phrase from a competing brand – Kodak moments) and then combines that with the capability to print it out right then and there, wherever you find yourself making said memories.

This summit of the range is reached with the Instax mini Evo which not only has the best retro 35-mm throwback camera styling that any hipster will be proud to place next to their vanity typewriter, courtesy of its silver coating and black leatherette elements as well as the functional placement of buttons, the print lever and dial.

Despite being boosted in the feature department, employing this snapper is still as noob-friendly as the rest of the Instax range, as you simply point and shoot and do so at double the resolution (638 x 318 dpi) compared to previous models, resulting in greater print quality. You can store about 45 photos in the onboard memory (expandable via MicroSD card slot), which is more than enough to offer choices upon printing these out. In fact, you can print around ten shots using the same Fufifilm cartridges as on other Instax cameras. Battery life is also good (up to 100 photos from a single full charge), ensuring that you won’t be missing out on your self-appointed mission to chronicle your best moments from your life.

Zhuzh it up

Besides upping the print quality, the Mini Evo also differs from the rest of the Instax line-up with its hybrid capabilities, enabling you to select and edit images prior to printing these. You do this by employing one of ten lens effects like Soft Focus and Light Leak, which can be combined with ten film effects such as Vivid, Monochrome or Pale, providing you with around 100 different shooting effects, and consequently, more ways to express your unique emotions through your images.

Photographers can select the lens effect by twisting the lens dial or using the scroll wheel at the back for film effects. Once you find your idyllic combo, the photo can be printed by pulling the print lever at the back, itself a nostalgic wind of the time-machine to the glory days of 35mm film cameras past.

All of this style, retro fueled trip down the camera memory lane, and capabilities comes with a suitably flagship pricetag of R2499 (or a couple hundreds less from select local retailers). You can hunt for that bargain like having this camera in your bag will allow you to hunt for the perfect moments to capture while on the go.