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King Price, SA’s most innovative insurer, has launched a bold new cellphone insurance offering: Bling. And they’re shaking up the marketplace with keen pricing and a choice of cover options.

Wynand van Vuuren, King Price’s partner of client experience, said that Bling aims to change the perception that cellphone insurance is expensive and unnecessary.

“35% of people damage their cellphone within the first year of having it. And, in a 2016 survey, half of the respondents admitted that they’d experienced a smartphone fiasco in the past 2 years. But still, very few people take out insurance,” said Van Vuuren.

“The real question is: Why wouldn’t you insure your cellphone? We figured that it boils down to just 2 factors: Choice and price. Many people think that cellphone insurance is a bit expensive, but these people lose out when their phones break or are stolen. So, we created bling, which gives you choices and saves you money while covering your phone anywhere in the world.”


Bling’s 3 options are:

  • Brand-new: As the name suggests, your phone will be replaced with a brand-new phone following theft, loss, accidental damage or water damage. If possible, it’ll be repaired following accidental damage or water damage.
  • Like-new: Your phone will be repaired or replaced following theft, loss, accidental damage or water damage with a similar make and model or a similar, refurbished phone. You also get a 12-month warranty. King Price says this option is on average 20 – 30% cheaper than insuring for a brand new replacement.
  • Screen-fix: This option covers the cost of repairing cracks to your phone’s screen due to accidental damage, or replacing the screen where necessary.

To help drive uptake, King Price has launched a blingsiders programme, which allows people to earn a referral fee for referring friends and family who’re interested in bling cover. “Blingsiders gives young and older people an opportunity to earn income by leveraging from their networks,” said Van Vuuren. “Put enough effort into your network, and you’ll earn way more than what your monthly bling premium is. Talk about affordable cellphone insurance!”

Van Vuuren says that becoming a blingsider is an ideal way for students to supplement their allowances or bursaries, and it’s also a small way that the insurer is furthering its #MakingADifference goals by helping to create employment in SA.”

To find out more about bling cellphone insurance, or about becoming a blingsider, visit www.bling.co.za