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Ulwembu Business Services, a South African black-owned ICT services company, has purchased a stake in JumpCO Consulting, a professional services and software product business focused on delivering digital economy-ready enterprise solutions in: integration and business process management (BPM), cloud and container technology, app development and DevOps.

Established in 2000, JumpCO is a gold IBM and premier Red Hat business partner and solution provider. JumpCO also provides skills development, with the aim of developing certified, world-class software engineers with practical working experience. This is with a particular emphasis on young South Africans who demonstrate the potential for software development but lack the opportunity to gain a foothold in the local industry.

The partnership is a collaboration of the best of both companies, with Ulwembu taking a definitive step into the IBM services and product market, and JumpCO broadening its reach and consulting offering through Ulwembu’s existing traction within the digital transformation of local public and private organisations.

The transaction further solidifies JumpCO as a proudly South African service provider now as a majority percent black-owned company with a B-BEEE Level 2 certification.

“The acquisition represents a meeting of the minds with an innovative and exciting leadership whose forward-thinking vision mirrors our own,” says JumpCO CEO, Stephen Mahony. “We have been in discussion for 18 months and reached the basic terms quickly, which is often a healthy indicator of a synergistic partnership. This time was used getting to know each other and working on early joint opportunities. We share the core values of excellence in delivery, innovative research and development, and a deep commitment to youth and community empowerment in South Africa.”

Ulwembu managing director, Sibusiso Kunene, echoes Mahony’s positive statement, adding that in working alongside JumpCO at a mutual client, Ulwembu has been impressed with the company’s depth of expertise. “JumpCO’s excellent IBM capabilities were of particular interest to us, as they make for a good fit with Ulwembu’s ongoing transformation as a fully-fledged systems integrator, providing an end-to-end offering to clients. JumpCO brings with it a wealth of meaningful expertise to the Ulwembu group.”