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Is the prospect of being able to predict potentially costly and tragic car accidents appealing? It should be to businesses that lose millions each year on repairs, replacements, down-time and the many other costs associated with car accidents.

 The managing director of Legratron Electronics, Itumeleng Matshego, says that the data provided by telematics can help you do this. “We know that telematics can be used to indicate if you have risky drivers and guide your decision about how to rectify the problem. Yet, this is not the only way that telematics can help you identify risky driving behaviour.

“Your telematics can provide an overall picture of the driving style of each of your drivers. As soon as one of your competent drivers starts driving erratically and contrary to their usual driving style, you can intervene. Their driving might be altered by fatigue or various other factors but telematics gives you the ability to be proactive and avoid financial or tragic consequences,” says Matshego.

When we use telematics in this manner, we have the potential to seriously alter how we do business. “With the power to identify a problem before it happens, we can not only help businesses avoid the expense and hassle but also save families from accompanying tragedy. Telematics gained popularity in South Africa because it can reduce the loss associated with theft and hijacking. Now the data produced by telematics can help you not only identify problematic drivers but know when your best drivers might be putting themselves and your company at risk.

“When you couple this with the other benefits that telematics can offer businesses, the savings can be enormous. With the increasing pressure that soaring costs are placing on businesses, these kinds of savings are not something one should quickly overlook,” says Matshego.

Telematics is much more than just a way to recover stolen goods. It has many benefits that all look out for the bottom line of your business.