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Telkom subsidiary, BCX has announced another successful customer application workload migration in its data centre application-centric infrastructure (ACI) transformation programme, which is one of the key domains in its 4 tier end-to-end software-defined networking (SDN) strategy.

An exceptional collaborative team effort, across continents and time zones, culminated in the third phase of the migration of application workloads of the Perth based, Australian mining giant, SOUTH32.

Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Converged Communications at BCX said “We have just achieved a critical milestone in our digital transformation journey”.

“This particular migration, of a key customer, is quite noteworthy, for its measure of complexity and the planning that was required to execute the successful migration of the¬†company’s enterprise server environment¬†which hosts SAP ERP and other business critical application services. SOUTH32 employs people across the globe to support their extensive mining interests in Australia, Southern Africa and South America” Liebenberg continued.

BCX’s investment in the transformation of SOUTH32’s national data centre estate gains momentum as they migrate key customer workloads onto the ACI platform.

By working with key customers like SOUTH32, the company is seeing real “use cases” and benefits in the way they are now able to manage the data centre and cloud networks.

The capability BCX unlocks is centred around the automation of IT tasks and new enablement to leverage infrastructure to respond more dynamically to rapidly changing business conditions and requirements.

The timing could not be better. The world is shifting at a rapid pace, and we see customer requirements changing in a manner that demands the kind of agility that is made available in the end-to-end SDN market offering.

The promise of SDN is a reality for BCX as the organisation sees the “intelligence” required to be highly responsive to constantly changing requirements moving from network devices and device management consoles, to centralised policy-management platforms, orchestration tools and cloud-managers.

As a customer of BCX’s managed services portfolio, the SOUTH32 team will leverage more of the capability they now have available to them. This will not just be in the realm of data networking, but also, critically, and even more importantly in the security capability which this technology evolution now provides.