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The Alfa Romeo Racing team headed into the second day of testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with the Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi in the cockpit of the 2019 contender, the Alfa Romeo Racing C38.

Antonio completed a total of 101 laps throughout the day, with the focus having been on set-up work and aerodynamic tests. Like yesterday, the car proved to be reliable and showed a good performance. The team feels confident after their second day on track and continues to focus on making progress.

Tomorrow Kimi Räikkönen will take back the cockpit for his second day of testing at the Barcelona.

Antonio Giovinazzi (car number 99):

“It was a great experience to drive my own Formula One car for the first time and I look forward to developing it together with our team throughout this season. We are at the beginning of the testing process, so we tried out some different aerodynamic configurations to learn about the behaviour of the car. I felt very comfortable in it, and we put in a good number of laps. Overall, it was a positive day and I look forward to being in the car again on Thursday.

Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya / 4.655 km

Driver: Antonio Giovinazzi

Weather: sunny and dry; air 5-17°C, track 6-27°C Chassis / engine: Alfa Romeo Racing C38 – 01 / Ferrari

Laps: 101 laps, 470.155 km

Fastest lap: 1:19.312 (C4)