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Allan Gray has recently partnered with internationally recognised e-learning specialist, aNewSpring, to deliver inspiring and effective cloud-based training programmes to staff and select associates.

Since first launching in 2003, aNewSpring has ranked in the world’s top 50 learning platforms while successfully offering training providers cutting edge functionality to create innovative learning journeys.

Recognising that learning methods have changed considerably over the past several years, and the concept of a traditional classroom training is fast becoming a legacy, aNewSpring offers online, mobile and social learning solutions that are both interesting and interactive.

“Our ability to provide exciting, modern content for companies to use on the platform truly brings to life what could otherwise be a very dull student experience,” says Paul Hanly, CEO for New Leaf Technologies, official distributors for aNewSpring in South Africa.

“We wanted to provide our staff, and independent financial advisers (IFAs) who are registered to do business with us, with a learning platform that is able to make learning fun and exciting while they jump through the compliance hoops or brush up on product knowledge, and we wanted this in an all -in-one solution,”  says Waasief Masoet, e-learning specialist at Allan Gray.

“We had a range of legacy systems in place, each handling a different function. In addition, we had separate systems to handle assessments, online learning and reporting. This fragmented approach was cumbersome and time consuming to maintain.

“aNewSpring ticked all the boxes for Allan Gray,” says Hanly. “aNewSpring, being cloud-based, has enabled Allan Gray to facilitate its countrywide staff and advisers with their training and compliance requirements in a far more cost-effective and productive way,” he adds.

“Implementing aNewSpring has transformed the way we educate staff and IFAs. The feedback we have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive with users being impressed by the solution’s functionality and ease of use. We are looking forward to rolling out the next phase with New Leaf Technologies,” says Masoet.