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The latest market data shows that worldwide Acer ranked No. 1 for gaming monitors in 1H’19 with 15.7% market share and 81% year-on-year (YoY) growth (Source: Gaming, IHS).

In North America, Acer also took the No. 1 spot during 1H’19 in the US with 27.8% retail gaming market share, and in Canada with 24.2% market share (Source: NPD).

The success of these achievements are due to several reasons. Acer has been leading in gaming display technology and their time-to-market, such as QHD/UHD high resolution, up to 240 Hz refresh rate, IPS with rapid response time (<1ms), and variable frame rate including G-SYNC and FreeSync technology.

In addition to strong relations with retail partners, Acer has a good product breadth on gaming monitors from Acer to Nitro to Predator, and Predator LCD has resonated very well within the gaming community.