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Acer for Education renews the Innovative School Program for 2020 and will meet the schools participating the program at the Teachers Advisory Council in Barcelona. It will be a two-day event that brings together teachers from across EMEA, giving them the opportunity to share ideas and learn how technology can help improve learning outcomes.

Technology is an enabler. It allows to break down barriers as it helps teachers to develop new, immersive and inclusive learning experiences. As a result, more and more schools that have integrated technology in their approach to teaching and learning are finding how it helps students to boost their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, learn anytime, anywhere and improve academic results.

Acer for Education Innovative School Program is a tribute to those schools that have embraced technology as a means to give students new personalized and engaging ways to learn the abilities they will need to succeed in school and life. The program is targeted to all EMEA schools that are taking the path of digital transformation. Whether they are just starting or are pioneers, these schools are committed to helping each student to reach their potential and follow their dreams through innovation and technology.

Schools enrolled in Acer Innovative School program can enjoy several benefits:

  • Teachers from Acer Innovative Schools are invited to attend the EMEA Teachers Advisory Council, where they can meet with peers, listen to education experts and participate in training sessions
  • Schools can participate in webinars covering a range of topics to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and tools. Topics include mini-training on Windows and Chrome platforms and their apps.
  • Acer Innovative Schools can share their stories, achievements or experiences on Acer for Education’s blog and become a source of inspiration for other schools. What’s more, schools receive a monthly newsletter where they can find updates on technological contents, alliance partner news, demo program and other initiatives.
  • Each Acer Innovative Schools receives 2 demo device per year, so teachers and students are kept abreast of the latest technological innovations and can find out how they can help them achieve more.

Acer Project Humanity

Acer Innovative Schools are also encouraged to join the Acer Project Humanity, a new global initiative by Acer to bring humanity at the centre of our activities and give back to communities and the environment.

By joining Acer Project Humanity Acer Innovative Schools have the chance to encourage students to develop a positive community-centred approach and experience the importance of engaging in “green” activities. Through their green activities, Acer Innovative Schools have the possibility of supporting the learning path of a Charity Education Organization of their choice.

Winning schools will be announced during the Teachers Advisory Council on November 21-23, 2019.