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When AARTO comes into effect, considerable changes are in store for both drivers of company vehicles and the fleet operators. Yet, the changes that each needs to be aware of are quite different which means that AARTO upskilling requirements for each needs to be different.

 The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says AARTO will have a number of changes for businesses. “A proxy needs to be appointed who keeps track of drivers and subsequent fines. While that proxy cannot be held personally responsible for the fines, it is an infringement to not keep track of drivers and reassign the fines to the correct driver.

“Future and past employment contracts need to now also contain a clause that allows you to receive information on your employees’ infringements. If an employee’s license is suspended as a result of fines obtained in their work as well personal capacity, yet they continue to drive for your company, the company can also be held responsible for this. These are just some of the considerations one needs to make with the introduction of AARTO.”

For fleet drivers, this requires a number of changes, primarily with driver behaviour. “If you tend to receive a fair deal of infringements, now is the time to change your driver behaviour. The consequences of bad driving behaviour are considerably more serious if it can result in suspension of your driving license, and consequently, your ability to earn an income.

“When you do face infringements, drivers also need to know what the process is following this. AARTO does allow drivers to have points removed from their record. If you depend on your driving license in order to earn an income, clearing your record following infringements is vital. With much panic about the implementation of AARTO, employers will also find it in their best interest to educate and upskill their drivers.”

In light of the very different needs of fleet operators and drivers, MasterDrive delivers AARTO training that caters to each of these specific needs. “We have introduced workshops as well as training for fleet operators to educate them on the changes that AARTO will entail. For drivers, we have a MasterClass that will guide drivers through the changes applicable to them and how to correct driving behaviour.”

A proclamation was signed this weekend so motorists and businesses can expect more clarity on AARTO’s implementation soon. Be sure that your business is ready for it when the bill comes into effect.