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Many South Africans are looking for great deals on Black Friday this year, with the recession hitting them hard in the pocket. Retailers are responding with tempting deals and enticing price cuts. Alcatel offers some suggestions about how you can find a good smartphone promotion, whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying a gift for someone else.

  1. Set a budget

Before you start hunting for your smartphone, think about how much money you want to spend and what your requirements are. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to buy an entry-level device for a child or a top-of-the-line smartphone for your own use?
  • How many talk minutes and data will you need?
  • Are you going prepaid or post-paid?
  • Are you ready to move network operators?
  • What is your budget for an upfront purchase or a monthly contract?
  • What will you be using the phone for, lots of gaming and social media photography or just sending WhatsApp messages and making calls?
  1. Research the smartphone you want ahead of time

Knowing how much money you want to spend you can cruise over to a technology review site or an online shop to see what’s available within your price range. You can read up on device specifications and features on manufacturer, mobile network, or ecommerce websites. Ensure you have a good idea of what the usual price is to ensure that you really are getting the right deal.

If you see something that fits the bill, you can read customer and professional reviews on the web to get a feel for the pros and cons of the device that caught your eye. Pay attention to the things that matter to you (or the person you’re buying the phone for) whether that’s long battery life, a big screen for Zoom calls or the best possible camera within your price range.

  1. Get your RICA information together

If you are getting a new SIM card with your device, you’ll need your proof of address and government ID to be registered in compliance with the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA). Also note that you’ll need to go through the standard credit checks if you’re getting a contract.

  1. Start looking now

Most network operators and ecommerce shops are already advertising or even rolling out their deals to avoid crowds in-store over the Black Friday weekend. You can start browsing what’s on offer now, rather than waiting for Black Friday and buying in a rush. A good place to start is by browsing the offerings on major network operators’ websites as well as on the large ecommerce sites. Follow them on social media or sign up for their newsletters to get the latest news on their special offers and promotions.