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MasterDrive has introduced a number of initiatives over the last few months to improve their client’s ease of doing business and as part of their customer concentricity objective. In their latest initiative, the MasterDrive team is using the latest technology to act on potential delays that their trainers encounter as soon as it happens.

The team is making use of the Life360 app to keep track of their trainers when they are on route to clients. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “Knowing when a trainer is caught up in traffic or delayed for another reason on the way to a client can make a serious difference to productivity. If a trainer will only be at the premises 30 minutes later than expected, for example, the employees due to be trained can continue with other duties rather than wait around and waste time.

“This innovative app allows us to improve our ability to provide clients with useful and relevant information in the feedback process. Even before the trainer or clients contact us to let us know there might be a problem, we already know and have acted upon it.”

The MasterDrive team keeps abreast of new technology and happenings in society and use this to improve the service offered to clients. “A difficult economic climate in South Africa along with numerous other challenges for businesses, means most fleet operators are being pulled from all directions. If we can improve the service we offer our clients, maybe we can do our bit to improve the ease of doing business,” concludes Herbert.